“The feeling that cannot find its expression in tears may cause other organs to weep”

Female Hypnotherapy Patient

I firmly believe that in the future, a more holistic approach will be the first port of call for treating people. Today, we have been conditioned into accepting the habitual dispensing of pills and drugs as the panacea for all ills as the norm. There is of course, a place for conventional medicine, but the view that a pharmaceutical solution is the only solution is deeply flawed.

Hypnotherapy works for a large range of conditions and is often the quickest form of therapy to make effective, long lasting changes. It works by relaxing both the body and mind to a safe and natural level to allow direct communication with the subconscious mind, almost like a deep meditation. Hypnotherapy helps to lower the barrier between consciousness and sub-consciousness, so that you can more readily absorb, accept and act upon the new ideas or information to effect change for self-improvement, overcome emotional issues and resolve inner conflict.

It is helpful to understand that the subconscious is infinitely more powerful than the conscious and it is your ‘inner protector’. The subconscious mind stores memories and is the part of the mind that asks no questions, has no perceptions, opinions or views. Its primary function is to prevent you from getting hurt and it learns and remembers rules and behaviours in order to do exactly this. These rules and behaviours are created from emotional responses to events which, more often than not, occurred in childhood. Each situation that reminds the subconscious of the childhood event gets treated according to the rule that was created back there, back then. This rule is then reinforced and becomes a habit, something you just do automatically without thinking.

As an example: If you were raised by parents who did not know how powerful their words and behaviours could be in shaping your personality, they could very easily have used destructive criticism, disapproval, and physical or emotional punishment to discipline or control you. When a child is continually criticized at an early age, he or she soon concludes that there is something wrong with them. They do not understand why it is that they are being criticized or punished, but assumes that the parents know the truth about them and that they deserve it. This belief would lock in and become a fundamental part of the way they view themselves. Thereafter, no matter what happens, they would hold to this belief. It would become their reality. They begin to feel that they are not valuable or lovable. They are not worth very much. They must therefore be worthless.

If you want to change your external world, first you have to change your internal world. In other words, nothing is ever going to change for you unless you recognise that you must alter the way you think, believe or behave in order to achieve the results you are aiming for. I can help you move forward to bring about powerful and positive changes. Please contact me if you have any questions.