What My Clients Are Saying

"You’ve really helped me to understand why I have been following the same negative patterns for so many years. For once, I can look forward to the future with confidence. This bubble ain’t going to burst!"

Julie. Depression, Eating disorder, Relationships

“Passed it! Used the techniques and methods you showed me on the course to help me. Thanks so much."

James. Qualified as PGA Professional Golfer

“Still a fair way to go, but lost 18 pounds so far. The practical tips and small changes are making a big difference. I am so grateful for your help.”

Sally. Weight loss/emotional eating

“Managed to keep all my nerves in check for once. Just felt more and more comfortable as it went on and even though I stuttered through a couple of bits, just carried on without getting flustered as I would have done before.”

Alex. Public speaking